Prayers of healing. The lord's prayer. Prayer for the hurting.

The Lord's Prayer



 "The Lords Prayer", is an "Interpretation",of The Lords Prayer written by David Melson. It is our newest prayer video. We hope that this version of The Lords Prayer will bless you beyond measure.

 David Melson has had the honor of ministering to and praying for multitudes of people,  famous, and infamous,  rich and poor. God called David to the ministry when he was a deaf child, who lived in a very shy, silent world, and God was His constant companion. According to David's oldest sister, some of his first complete spoken sentences were to proclaim that, “I'm going to be a preacher when I grow up.”

 David's passion is ministering to the poor,  the sick,  the drug addicted,  the mentally ill,  and all kinds of hurting people.

 So we hope that the LORD might bless you by watching these videos..

God Bless You.


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