My Life Story

  First of all, let me say that I am a sinner, and I am no better than you or anyone else.   I have been called a mighty man of God, because I am a humble servant of God, and God has worked miracles through me.

  I have also been called a loser, and I have been called a lunatic.  I have been loved and appreciated for my ministry, and I have been hated and had my life threatened many times because I “wear” my faith and my relationship with God.

   I was once threatened with a shotgun in the apartment living room of a friend because a visiting neighbor was offended by my Pro Life song, “All the Unborn Children”. I tell it like it it is. What you see is what you get.

   I believe in telling the truth, even when it hurts me. I have had a lot of heartache and trauma in my life, but the strange thing is, I would not change it for the world.

  Jesus was a loser too, by choice. He suffered and laid down His life that we might have healing and eternal life with Him.

More Facts

  I was deaf until the age of 8, with only slight hearing in my right ear. I had constant ear infections that were extremely painful. The most painful part of this memory though, is looking up at my late mothers eyes, whose lap my head was in, and watching her sob because there was nothing she could do to stop my suffering.

  Because of this, I could not communicate well with people well outside my family. I lived in a silent world, very shy and afraid of strangers.

  We lived in the country, and I felt like Forest Gump the first time I got on the school bus. I was petrified. I could not hear the teacher, so my cousin, who had started first grade a year earlier, was held back a year in order to sit with me, help me, and show me what was being taught. I am forever grateful to him.

To be continued:).

Favorite Bible Verses

John 3:16

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David Alan Melson


Street Minister and Spiritual Warrior, Computer forensics and data recovery.

God has used my computer skills to show me he is God many times.

My “full”name appears in “The Bible Code” over a thousand times! I do not tell you this to brag, it's just an amazing fact that is statistically impossible without God.


Prayer and Ministry, Kids, Worship, Music, Christian Movies, Celebrating Life.

Personal Motto:

“In all you ways acknowledge God, and He will direct your path”