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“The Lords Prayer”

Welcome to your miracle prayer site.

  This is a special place. 

  It is no accident that you have arrived here.  The fact that you are here means that "The Holy Spirit" has led you here,  and your deliverance,  your answers,  your healing,  or your Salvation  are near. 

  God spoke to me and said; “Build it, and they will come,  and I will work miracles of Healing,  salvation and deliverance to show that I am the Lord.  So that many may be saved in these final hours,  as the earth begins to tremble in fear of my approaching judgment.  

  The bottomless pit has been opened, and the fallen angels are taking control of the Earth,  and,  seek to destroy my people.  The Anti-Christ (Anti-Christian, Lucifer) is already with you.  Many of my people recognize him. 

  Do not provoke him,  just spread the good news of Salvation quickly,  so that many may be spared from standing in my Court of Justice and Judgment along with the fallen angels".  

  So, whoever you are, where ever you are, when ever you are, this is your place of blessing.  God is not limited by time or space.  He created time and space.   

There is absolutely “nothing” God cannot do!

David Melson

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